A New Vision

It has now been five years since Tina’s death. Since that time, we have sought to create and maintain an organization that has the vision to bring the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd into the future – an organization backed by knowledge, accountability, transparency, and professionalism.
We have supported the ISSR/SSDCA and its leadership even through multiple rules violations, communications breakdowns, and ethically questionable conduct. We have attempted, over the course of several years, to fix these issues, maintain our faith, and turn the course of the breed in a more positive direction within Tina’s original organization. In this we have failed.
Regretfully, and with the utmost respect for Tina Barber and the Shiloh Shepherd breed, we as breeders, co-owners, and breeders-in-training are no longer willing to support the direction and practices of the current leadership of the ISSR and SSDCA. Therefore, it is with extreme regret that we, the undersigned, hereby resign from the ISSR and SSDCA, effective immediately.
We desire to be a part of an organization that upholds the values, high standards and vision for this breed that the ISSR should be. We have invested too much, and our passion for this breed runs too deep, to watch it spiral into extinction. But, as one door closes, another opens, so we have chosen to join our considerable knowledge and talents. We are excited to announce the formation of the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance (ISSA). This entity is based on the rules and regulations of the ISSR but with the oversight and accountability that is necessary to continue forward with a healthy gene pool and a bright future.
  • Guardian Kennels – Vanessa Dutton – 2001
  • Strauss Haus – Jessica Strauss – 2001
  • Silver Maple – Michelle Sparks – 2004
  • Riverwind Shilohs – Deb Mayo – 2007
  • Sparta Shilohs – Anne & Zachary Becker – 2009
  • Dutch Pride Shilohs – Zwanet Boer – 2009
  • Echo Shilohs – Mindy Mencias – 2009
  • Silvermoon Shilohs – Maya Jerome – 2009
  • Sentinel Shilohs – Shani & Mike Gadwaw – 2009
  • Victory Shilohs – Margaret & David Baumgarner – 2010
  • Sue Olson – Karma Shilohs – 2010
  • Flying Dog Shilohs   – Teresa Fulcher & Paula Best – 2011
  • Fisher Crane Shilohs – Carla Crane & Wayne Fisher – 2012
  • Willow Rock Shilohs – Kyle Williams – 2012
  • AZ Shilohs – Carla Armbruster – 2013
  • Jewel Shilohs – Lillian Versteeg – 2013
  • Kingdom Shilohs – Diana Orange – 2014
  • Shahayla Shilohs – Anita & Brian Rados – 2014
  • Rocky Mountain Shilohs – Leslie Hudak – 2015
  • SuperNova Shilohs – Bridgit Amstrup
  • Timbaland Shilohs – Jan Yeomans
  •  Virginia Quintanna

for more information about ISSA [go here]